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How to See #SpotifyWrapped2021 | Find your Top Songs in 2021 | #SpotifyWrapped

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in this video i'm going to show you how you can see your spotify wrap 2021 you can open up your spotify app if you click right here you should be able to see it right away now if this right here is not showing up yet that can be for a couple reasons but what you can do simply go to your browser type in spotify.

 wrapped go back click on that link right here which will then also send you into the app and that will show you this overview if you then click on here you'll see your most listened to songs plus you can click right here to get these crazy animations and the full presentation pretty much as you can see 2021 wrapped

 you can then skip through and you can pretty much see it right there you go if you want to learn how you can see this and share it on your instagram story click on the video on the screen right now if it's not working i've also been making videos how to fix it it will be up on the channel so if this helped you out guys please go ahead and leave a like and then i'll see you in the next video have a good day