Come far apparire il tuo canale nei video suggeriti🔥 Aumenta le visualizzazioni di YouTube | #Aumenta le visualizzazioni di #YouTube

 When I explained before this the YouTube statistics episode and said, this is a treasure of YouTube's treasures, I came to this comment on the channel, Abu Malik, why are there no sources of views from YouTube suggestions on your channel?  I mean, we see the sources of views, YouTube search,

 browsing features, external sources, I don't know what?  But what are YouTube's suggestions for videos?  This is because I was more focused on appearing in the search results and leading the search results more than I focused on the factors that increased suggestions.  Since then, I have started working on the topic of suggestions, and if I provide YouTube suggestions for my videos, I have more

 than one way for you to provide us with some YouTube suggestions for videos. I mean, how do you let YouTube suggest your videos, and therefore we provide views. Today's episode contains very, very important information, and I will apply it to my channel, God willing, in the next period after the suggestions increase by a reasonable rate.  I'm going to go out and talk to you guys and tell you about my experience.  You should focus with me in today's episode and try with me the factors that increase YouTube suggestions, because your videos grow and reach many people. Let us first answer a very

 important question .  Why is YouTube even suggesting videos to people?  I mean, why does YouTube suggest the video to people?  First of all, YouTube knows the interests of the viewer.  Bebaki know what he wants?  Or what is he looking for? Or can he see what?  Here, YouTube starts suggesting the video to the viewer. It helps the viewer to reach what he wants.  Neji stay now , guys, and bring a paper and a pen with me. And write behind the factors that help YouTube choose your video and start

 suggesting it to people.  The first thing , guys, is the experience of the viewer with the video.  I have a video that I uploaded to the channel.  People came in and watched the video.  I spent a long time in the video.  Good viewing experience. I made a ten minute video.  People are afraid of the video and it comes out, for example, after six minutes.  After seven minutes.  After a few minutes.  There are people who complete the video for the other.  I tried to keep the viewer inside the video as long as possible. 

 And always, guys, we are here to say that watching time is king. As long as you hold this in the scenes, sit and curse in front of your video.  You will also provide your video suggestions. YouTube in a big way.  YouTube will focus on this video.  Because it sits the viewer and keeps him on the YouTube platform for as long as possible.  That is the goal of YouTube. Let the viewer sit on the podium.

 Watching the videos.  Watch YouTube earn and you will also win. Another thing, guys, that will help you keep the viewer inside the video is the breaks.  If you have noticed this, or if you have seen my videos on the channel recently, I have posted this in the description. You will find this video with breaks. I mean, I am talking in this video about three things.  Every need of them in a certain minute. 

 It starts at a certain moment or at a certain time.  This is called commas or time functions.  Here is YouTube. If, for example, you make three breaks, each two-minute break, that means you work six minutes, each two-minute break. If the viewer directs and watches a certain two minutes, it means there is a specific need that he wants from the video.  What I watch for six minutes.  No, he is looking at a specific need or a break you are working on. Timestamp you are working with.  Here, YouTube

 considers that the viewer has watched the entire video.  He entered and saw the need that he wanted completely.  The timestamp or the entire time interval.  Always try to make time intervals if your video allows something like that. This means that you use a timestamp to preserve or provide your video suggestion to YouTube.  The need is number three guys, which is the click- through rate on the video. What does this mean, guys? I mean, here, you are required to work on the thumbnail of the video and the title.  To raise from CTR.  Raise by clicking on the video everything that appears.  If your video

 appeared a hundred times.  I click on it twenty times, and the click-through rate remains twenty percent.  The higher the percentage, the more you suggest a video. YouTube means that whenever the video appears in front of people, people are afraid to watch it.  All that the video shows, people enter and watch it.  That is the goal of YouTube.  Keep watching on the platform.  You have to work on the thumbnail.  And you must work on the title to be an attractive title. Thumbnails draw attention as they increase the click-through rate and viewer access to the video.  There is also a need for you guys, who

 provide you with a video suggestion or YouTube will highly recommend your video.  Namely, the interaction with the video by the audience.  do like  Dislike. Share video.  Everyone interacted with the video.  And based on these interactions, YouTube starts suggesting the video to people more.  Because the video comes with a good interaction and people interact with it. I will start showing it and suggesting it to a larger audience.  This is, of course, instead of your video having to offer good value. 

 Powerful content.  It motivates the viewer on the stage.  The more powerful your content is. The montage of the video well draws attention and leaves people with the video and pays attention to the words that are in the video or the content in the video and you want to complete the video and see what you are going to say after that. This is called strong content and motivates the viewer to stay. For other people, and accordingly, your channel, your fan base will grow, and this, guys, is what I'm working on

 for this period. I'm trying to work on the system of suggestions and do all the things or do all the factors that can be provided from the video in order to start the largest source of views.  Sources of views come from suggestions.  And, God willing, after this experience in full, I will make a video for your presence. I will show you the sources for the views.  By God, you will see that YouTube

 recommendations have increased by a large percentage after applying these factors.  We are waiting, God willing, in the next episode.  If you have any questions, please comment in the comments.  And don't forget, of course, like, subscribe, and activate the bell button for everyone. And share the video.  thank you. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.


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