COST OF PASSAGE OF CAR OWNERSHIP in GERMANY Lambrenedetto shows you what is the transfer of ownership and also the registration in Germany. Italian watch and meditate !!!

 good morning from gabriele today let's talk about how much it costs to register your car in Italy first of all I must tell you that the cost is made up of two components, one that we can call mandatory and one optional.

 in the sense that the compulsory component is the one that in any case you have to pay to the various offices the optional component and the cost that you have to pay if you go to an agency this cost is usually 300 euros so if you want to contact an agency you will have the cost that I will tell you in this video plus the cost of 300 euros otherwise if you want to go to your table in the offices.

 However, I recommend that you do it with a guide to get more information on how to do it then download the invitation find the links under my complete video guides that explain exactly the steps to take to avoid wasting too much time then this cost that we said mandatory .

 so everyone has to pay it depends on the car it depends on your car and in particular it depends a lot on the power it will be shown then the more your car at horsepower or kilowatts the more it will cost you the passage, let's say the preponderant part greater than this cost and the registration to the public .

 car register the registration to the pra varies from a minimum of 150 euros for machines with a power lower than 153 kilowatts and sorry and then progressively there is a tax it seems to me of 3 euros and 50 per kilowatt which adds up to these 150 you also get about 610 euros for the more powerful machines.

to this are also added the provincial taxes so normally it is still incremental to make you understand more or less an order of magnitude, I tell you that it is for example on a car like mine that I registered which was a fiat bravo 1600 diesel 120 horses therefore 88 kilowatts.

cost of passage

 the cost of the passage to the pra is about 450 euros to this we still have to add the cost of the various bulletins that you pay to the motorization but that the stamp for delivery of the plates and there are about 70 80 euros after which, as you know, you must also obtain the certificate of foreign radiation of the vehicle.

 and normally this is paid so even here it depends on the countries for example I had made the passage from bulgaria I had paid 70 euros for this certificate. so basically between motorization and the certificate paid 150 euros to these 150 were added the 450 of the public register

 automotive therefore total about 600 euros this for a good 120 horsepower 1600 diesel then more or less more or less these order of magnitude clearly if it is a smaller car maybe you go to spend on the 500 there is a bigger car the price goes up considerably.
and therefore obviously said all this information.

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