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 you work hard on your videos recording editing scripting titles thumbnails then you upload to youtube expecting to get a lot of views then you look at your video you see zero views maybe five maybe ten it's not what you expected obviously you are doing

 something wrong in this video i will share with you 10 wrong things you are probably doing and how to fix it to boom your youtube channel views stay tuned so number one is your youtube thumbnail think about it when someone is scrolling on youtube what makes them stop on your video it's your thumbnail so make sure to

 optimize it here are two key elements to memorize always when you want to create your thumbnail number one is to be simple and clear and direct when someone looks at your thumbnail they will know directly the idea behind the video the second key element is to stimulate curiosity like this thumbnail here when you stop you will see it's talking about getting more visitors to your website page

 reviews how i stimulate curiosity going from zero to one million page views with these five tips and i made them blurred so in this way people will want to know what's there behind these words so they click to watch the video another example here it's direct it's about making commissions online my shocking face will stimulate

 curiosity how i did this before zero after two thousand dollars click to see and so on the best way to get ideas is to go to youtube and see what your competitors are doing as an example let's say i want to create a video about email marketing i go and search for other channels in this niche and see what thumbnails they are doing now i see my thumbnail on top of youtube it's okay in your case go and

 search for your competitors and get some ideas for your upcoming thumbnails memorize these two key elements curiosity and be direct and simple and what's more important when you create thumbnails is to create two versions as an example for this video i created this version here that you see it this one and the second version is this

 one here so i created two thumbnails and what i do then is i go to to body.com and i do what we call an ab split test you add the two thumbnails here and two body then two body will automatically start rotating these thumbnails and checking which is better for your video then you can understand what thumbnails are working with

 you this is very important thumbnail in my opinion is the best factor to get more views on youtube so you have to invest your time and efforts in creating your thumbnails the second factor that will make them click to watch is the title so again you have to focus on your

 titles the best way to write titles is by using title generators like you can go here to each supertools.com go here to ai youtube title generator and write a topic here example let's say dog training click generate and now this tool will give you free suggestions for your next youtube video this dog training video is sure to make you a

 better owner learn how to train your dog in 10 easy steps it will give you some ideas to help you write your title also you can use the vid iq ai title generator here you click it will give you some suggestions use these tools to generate some ideas and craft a catchy grey hat

 title not clickbait and not that traditional title it's a great bait like in my case this bit is about creating a forum to get traffic it's one of the best growth hacking strategies in my case i wrote one hack that will double your website traffic it's not a clickbait at the same time i didn't say how to create a forum you have to think about something that catches people attention in titles also you can do a b split test example here i run this test on this video and i tested two titles and

 then the original one worked better so i know which titles for my videos are working and which are not so i can use these statistics for my upcoming videos and so on too but it's very important here with the ab split test feature the third mistake is about your video idea it's very important to know your audience and what they like and what's the idea that fits them and the best way to do this is to do content research you can go here to hsu tools again youtube youtube keyword tool and search for keywords and ideas example if your

 niche is about cryptocurrency let's say or crypto mining you click on search and then this tool will give you a lot of content ideas like you have 176 keywords you can see some ideas here then use these ideas to craft the best title and video number four stop asking for

 subscribing and notifications and commenting in a traditional way saying please the subscribe and the notifications and whatever instead do this in the flow of your video create a story even if you are educating people and one of the best channels i saw doing this is film booth this channel this person is called ed he is awesome really in doing these strategies and how he ask for likes or ask for

 subscribing and a story while educating people go and check his videos take some ideas some notes about the thumbnails about the stories how he works and you can get a lot of ideas from him for your videos mistake number five is forgetting about your old videos you must re-optimize your old videos always what i do if you go here in my case i opened these six seven videos and i'm working on these old videos to reoptimize them to change a thumbnail do a b

 split test on titles and see how things work this is very important by the way maybe you can push them again in the youtube algorithm and get more views from your old videos in my case now you can see here in two body i'm running multiple tests you can see this in progress this in progress so i'm optimizing some old videos i published and testing if i can push them again and get more views to my old videos so always think about re-optimizing your old videos i do this almost every single day i pick a video and re-optimize it mistake number six is not utilizing other traffic sources like push

 notifications you can see here on one signal i have almost 100 000 users i always push a notification to all these users whenever i publish a new video i create multiple pins on pinterest for every video so i can get traffic from pinterest then i share my video on all social platforms on telegram linkedin twitter all my social profiles by the way i'm using here a plugin called fs poster which is a plugin inside my website i can use to publish on all my social profiles in one click also what i do then i create a blog post based on the video

 that's what we call content syndication so people also can find my content through my blog or through google through seo for example if you open this article you will see it's based on this video on my

 channel and the video is here also then i create a mini version of the article and publish on my medium blog if you go here to medium to my blog you will see all these articles are based on my videos and on my blog mini version of my articles also linking everything together then i go to cora to my core space here make money online and i publish a small article linking also to my videos so i spread my videos all over the internet to maximize my reach mistake number seven is not checking your video analytics if you go here to your channel and let's open an example this video here if you go to

 analytics it's very important to go down and check the retention rate like in my case this video is working somehow good 65 are still watching for 30 seconds mark which is very important when you script the video to focus on the first 30 seconds 38 is the average percentage viewed not bad and what's nice you can see the key moments in your video to see what makes visitors or viewers watch your video see the top moment here where people are being catched so you can replicate this in your other videos see the intro that's catching also is it working or not so in this way you can fix your

 upcoming videos and so on also when you analyze this graph here if you see huge drops you can go to the editor and delete or cut these places in the videos if it's not important so you can maybe fix your retention rate and editor here you can trim your video so make sure

 to analyze your video analytics also don't just publish and wait for views analyze study see what's working what's not and try to re-optimize things in the upcoming videos mistake number eight is your script of course talking about scripting requires maybe a full video a full course but in short here are three tips to follow number one focus on your first three seconds it's very important to hook the viewer and to keep him watching your video this is why youtube

 tells you about the 30 second mark here and how many viewers are watching these 30 seconds because it's very important tip number two a lot of studies show that intros are killing your retention and average you duration so forget about them and go directly to the point without using any intro tip number three is editing improve

 your editing a lot of effects sound effects cuts movements keep the viewer hooked and always stimulate him with sounds with something moving on the screen to keep him watching and you don't need to hire a professional editor or learn adobe premiere you can do this with camtasia studio it's easy to learn and easy to implement i do my videos with camtasia it does the job and it's simple mistake number nine is not adding time stamps if you go here to the video

 like this one let's say make sure always to add time stamps and description in this way when someone opens the video they will see these timestamps here in the timeline this is very important to increase your retention rate and audience retention why simply

 because some people don't like to watch the full video so they like to jump over sections in this way those people will watch a section instead of not watching at all so always make sure to add timestamps and you will see an increase in your retention rate except in some cases with a video don't have these sections or something i believe this works perfectly in educational videos like in my case the last

 mistake number 10 which is very important is not taking care of video seo when we searched you for email marketing you saw that my video is on top of youtube if you search for ios you see that my videos is on top of youtube if you go here to to body again to the search rank tracking ranking reports let's open this report you will

 see that i'm ranking on top of youtube for a lot of keywords and videos this is what we call video seo is to optimize your videos to rank on top of search results to get organic views how i do this and

 how you can do it step by step you can check out this full youtube seo guide hope you enjoyed if you have any questions don't forget i'll be waiting for you on my forum or in the comments section below smash the like button and see you later 

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