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 A tragedy dear to Chicago. A fire engine is passing a few meters away at Irving Park Road as if it were burning. A few seconds later, a loud roar and then something very different: a series of screams and crashes. The firefighters rush to the driver's seat, but find nothing more.

Chicago Car Accident Attorney is the best place to get help and advice if you have been in a car accident in the Chicago area. Our lawyers have years of experience, so they can help you deal with the insurance companies. We will get you the best possible compensation for your injuries and damage, so you can get back on track without worrying about money. Getting a car accident injury or lawsuit isn't as scary or complicated as you might think, and our lawyers can help you through the process.

Anyone who has a traffic accident, a theft, a fire, an assault, a Chicago lawsuit, a Chicago criminal case, a Chicago court case, an appeal Chicago case, or a Chicago lawsuit can have need a lawyer in chicago. Our lawyers in Chicago are able to offer advice on the most common lawsuits such as civil cases, criminal cases, court cases, appeals cases,

Everyone saw the news this morning in the newspaper: a Chicago motorist was involved in the general stampede after he took a pit bull puppy on the street who suddenly attacked him. The scene, which is now taking place in an apartment building in a rediscovered area in Chicago, was captured by a security camera. The man, who evidently hadn't had time to turn off the engine


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