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Dennis Waterman - #DennisWaterman

 Dennis Waterman

Dennis Waterman is a researcher at the University of Edinburgh. He investigates the causes of the North Atlantic oscillation and the interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere.

Dennis Waterman is a geologist at the University of Leeds in England. He says he has been fascinated by the Earth's past since he was a child and likes to explore it through the lens of geology.

Dennis Waterman is a professor of computer science and statistics at Pennsylvania State University. He is co-author with David S. Spiegelhalter of "Bayesian Data Analysis: A Tutorial with R and BUGS", a book for non-statisticians.

“I've lived in the tropics all my life. I've been to Costa Rica, Panama, the Amazon. I am a scientist, but I am not a specialist in tropical ecosystems. I am a statistician, a programmer, a biologist.

Dennis Waterman

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