How is pure argan oil used on hair?


How is pure argan oil used on hair?


How is pure argan oil used on hair? 

For a deep restructuring just pour a few drops of pure arganoil on damp hands, rub them to warm it slightly and then apply it on the hair before washing. The oil should be distributed with relaxing movements on the lengths, perhaps with the help of a comb. For an even more effective treatment, it is advisable to cover the head with a shower cap or film. After applying the oil, after 15-30 minutes of laying, you can proceed with washing.

How is pure argan oil used on hair?

In the case of dry skin, a small amount can also be distributed on the scalp, massaging it vigorously with the fingertips. If you want a quick finish to give dry hair shine and hydration, instead, just rub two drops on the palms of your hands, then distributing them on the lengths.

Desert gold is easily absorbed, just use an appropriate amount of it for the length and type of hair, so that it restores shine to dull hair, without greasing it or leaving residues. Unlike normal silicone-based products, which create water-repellent filters by suffocating the skin, argan nourishes the scalp, leaving it free to breathe and decreasing the production of sebum that afflicts oily hair.

Argan oil for frizzy and curly hair

Is every hedgehog a whim? Argan oil is able to regulate even the most rebellious hair, nourishing and moisturizing wavy and curly hair to enhance its natural volume and beauty. It is sufficient to extend the exposure time of the pack by one hour, protecting the head well with a cap or film, to make them soft and silky again.

For thick, curly and brittle hair, the argan mask is an effective solution to soften and deeply restructure the hair.


A solution for damaged hair and sensitive skin

Poor nutrition and products of dubious quality can irritate the scalp, causing dandruff and itching. In these cases, gently massage the argan oil on dry or sensitive skin, it moisturizes it without irritating it, causing the problem to diminish and disappear.

Chemical dyes, aggressive treatments, in addition to the action of pollution and atmospheric agents, stress the hair, causing damage and split ends. Vitamin E and fatty acids, such as omega 3, contained in argan, nourish and repair damaged hair. To continue daily hair care, it is essential to choose high quality products, free of silicones or petrolatum, such as argan oil conditioner and shampoo, which allow you to enjoy the benefits of desert gold in a simple and practical way.

As Moroccan women teach, an argan oil hair mask is perfect for protecting them from the effects of the sun, after a day spent sunbathing.

The extra idea

Two tablespoons of pure argan oil, combined with a few drops of sweet orange essential oil and left on for ten minutes before shampooing, help to detangle and smooth the hair, leaving it soft as silk.

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