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North Korea, Lockdown is triggered. Kim Jong Un's Order: "Don't Leave Home"

 North Korea, Lockdown is triggered. Kim Jong Un's Order: "Don't Leave Home"

 Giada Oricchio 11 May 2022

Mystery of the total lockdown in North Korea. Yesterday morning, citizens of Pyongyang were ordered to return home and not go out until otherwise ordered. It was the NK News website, which from Seoul studies the events of the opposite front, that announced the restrictive measure.

The causes are unknown: some sources speak of a "national lockdown" perhaps due to a surge in Covid cases, others of a national problem "to be correlated with some military exercises. In the third hypothesis, it could be a wave of "yellow dust" that signals air pollution so high that it forces the population to stay at home. Nk News also said that immediately long lines were formed at bus stops or residents on foot trying to gain residence as soon as possible. News is scarce, even more than in the past, because in these two years, the Kim Jong Un regime has not disclosed cases of contagion from Covid-19 and has not accepted vaccines from abroad.

In the capital Pyongang, embassies have been deserted since diplomatic corps and staff of international humanitarian organizations left the country due to the closure of the border with China and Russia as a form of prevention from the virus. For the rest, the use of a mask and maximum hygiene are mandatory.

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