stupid rabbit has defeated you the defeated guys well back on poppi plate has chapter ii goes to the skies our michetti and says friend of the applied tele myth says that we have not seen anything yet but that now there will be other games organized by her she is good good you don't talk anymore renzi scares stay there looking at me from the top of your balcony amaze silly look a little help burglary

 everything you wanted to keep me trapped here you did not understand anything wait and I don't know that I did not understand anything but it is but milan blacks knows it is wait for the note she gave it to me this show me because you told me there were a couple of items in the inventory that I didn't look at then these are the train access instructions they are probably symbols and it's one of 3 here are two

 other parts of this code and then you told me there was something else beautiful daisy figurine and that's it i have nothing else for the moment but you want to hug me  rti booty, however, you did not let us hug you why but we will see each other again price you know she is a mother and a little bit strange this is the home the ex with that god has disassembled the bridge but I had to go up there but you do not see one club girl you can't see anything and we haven't seen adua gis yet this worries me a little bit

 but let's go straight we march like in the trains guys we are doing very well obviously in the comments and I expect the hashtag all together that always gives that certain more confidence  that it takes you have to be a confidant and I am a confidant when we are all together with you because otherwise I

 won't play ste robe alone you know who is who is feeling a strange wind like someone who is already behind me I don't know you a kiss  it's not that it's you by chance oh god what is it well it's not that this is that room of the first chapter the one with all the upside down shelves and there they were less overturned but no because there was also a tape there transporter here there is no it was beautiful they are giant batteries or ovens of small ovens I think played playtime it was really hear that voice to the

 dinosaur I was afraid I imagined an imbecile because it was it was obvious I just cannot take these are the typos that is the toys that are not  come well practically here it is barrel of this type a barrel of via gulli and of the type stuff to eat and it was not to eat but it was bad and therefore people eat it and died very well then this a shipment number of the shipment that and had colored eranos  because someone

 had sabotaged the painting machine is that it's you patti the dinosaur patti missiva patti deputies given a spank sorry i didn't want to do it there is something else but there is this giant hand like those to take things it could be that  we need that I will try to understand the first of not to mess it is because you do not see very well so you risk not to understand co  the the street then here you have to bring the

 electricity of accordissimo there is some place where you are patti is the flower but what a fork it has I would tear off all the petals object rays of my friends I understand everything then I am mechanical arm aligned this short perfect now you have to give power because there is a toy but another figurine and I don't know if it is needed or if it is an optional object but we take it anyway because you never know you have to go the stiletto style so faster lesti lesti lesti so e  so now that one drops the palin chapala in the toy that we want and I should be able to take it I guess I suppose oh my God unless it 's okay no yes sure it's okay and now I have another one who knocks the rabbit of abuse then florenzi

 calls thesis bonzo nice  name is suitable for him he has the face of a buso from someone called abuse but however this thing did not help us because we are still stuck here [Music] this is a problem though  but I understand why we now what we have to do we have to pull that thing I think it cannot be because it goes up here and therefore we have to use it my hard saying we have to use that to move the dinosaur which is too heavy and okay okay you can do  it can be done it is difficult but it can be done or that I

 should be there here it is precise perfect then we take the electricity from here and there we have to connect ok now it takes it should pull it up that it was too heavy you remember no he could not it is not  trained well to me it seemed pretty good but it's more here so that's fine let's try again an animated toy well then lift me up I'm walking disaster please thank you very much ok now we move it because

 otherwise you drop it there ok perfect so we should be great because now he should make it rise perfect and go on go on we are on the great piece here there is a bad red place I don't like but where is my ann  i when i still don't see it i don't like this thing too much time has passed without a jump square my favorite or good or bad so why this does not work and without electricity and in fact we should connect these but it does not work to there is a coffin here it is I did not see it and every now and then you lose shots I understood but I had not pressed anything I well then  we have to do it so so so and

 that's okay ok then oh my gosh emo I don't have to pass it doesn't talk to us [Music] much harder than I thought much harder than I thought I don't have to wrap everything up my name the astral riddle this then  colors ok then I have to wrap this but what does it goes up immediately and I already have them I can't catch it anymore no it's just too difficult that it happened like this maybe and no because it doesn't let me take it there  and therefore I must definitely take this maybe even on the other side it is the same in reality it is but the problem is that from here I cannot get to take the one below or maybe I have to stay here maybe I have to stay here take the one there so the on  I don't know and or maybe like this and

 then take this too is then the strong one the jonio that now that we have to do this here jump like this and it doesn't do it anymore and why or not broken the game don't tell me don't tell me please that here  every second there is fear no the little button moms also fear and every now and then you know that

 these games are naughty and then you never know if you broke something you let go the spring your hand ok now I'm sure that around the corner I feel it I feel it  his stench pay what i know who if these stinks no and he he is always accompanied by the puddles 66 hidden you are afraid afraid I am not you but all together they were afraid not even I go remove this one that has barricaded someone else here c

  he in the fear here there begins to be some signs of a struggle voluptuousness I also saw a strange light on the scenes and here we are you cannot go those cobwebs are very robust but we should be at the gamestation is in fact that it was all the time we wanted to arrive that we were already here before if I remember correctly are also other games because we had gone to all music hall memory on quite right so now we should go since we have a third of the code but that we do with a third of the code and nothing but we can pull  another lever is always better than nothing no says you were good I think it is always mom who talks to us and whoever gave you permission to be so smart  I recommend little one of but you take me up because I can maybe wait because there is something I can do is not that I can

 leave with the tea  reno maybe there is something maybe a secret a secret figurine no it's not the secret figurine it's to leave by train but rightly we have one of three and there is nothing written here there are only the symbols but we really miss the  order in the other parts he will tell us the order so unfortunately he does not have to go and we have to go to the web khafaji ossi finally we will see again that he knows about wadi my master is this who is pur friuli but now the gip orange but from me and

 him fellow wii yes I  understood but there are all the green colors the pines but what beautiful areas of baby and moss bus those who love here he comes out here I tell you from the holes cost up state closed inside or not instructions mommy what to do welcome to k1 have fun  you too to catch the new agis ok it's okay a test always for the employees I think for the malfunctioning toys I don't know there are the

 circles I have to catch the animals I understand I'm not stupid yet yes I understand I understand let me d  thanks ok ok I'm only ready but it will be difficult you know me because it is the one of the musical game at the end it was very infamous I remember it well from ready but it's ready who is there mom and the games in which you need aggressive 7 look how beautiful I look  there was one in the sea a walkie little crap I go it's my moment ok see nothing already we start badly eh well I said noises no

 both he climbs or so in the ducts ugly but what should I do no I'm scared hygiene 1  but I have to send them back no finally a lot because if they go out they make me jump square matteo madonna no no it's very ugly it's very difficult it's impossible because there are so many audiences and then it's dark but I jazz dub the rolex could give me a light no and I understood that they have  the children attached to them but they lost them as he cut them they had children attached to us so as not to be able to jump on you but she who cut them cute because the infamous sottsas cursed that you have to be more careful and that is, from the center I do not see as much as I can intimate but no less it is but not even from the boy I do not mean that it cannot be done you do not see anything I do not know if you can hear that if I have to go to feeling the noise it is because not  I am dying I am dying apart from the fact that I do not know how many there are ever inside you go inside you too go inside but from said damn I think they

 do not come out of the holes higher up I think you can glimpse them is when I am half out you actually see them green boyar maya  birdy is not right and it is impossible booster or I have to have it due to the ball from the south the brightness of the game is impossible it is very difficult it is okay if you never agree to an agreement I think about it that is, let's do the broom so sorry you won't see anything either  but at least we will see so come out no you could see the piscetta a small pizza then you want to remember you always see better than me but for this level I need to keep the brightness so that I know that it is unpleasant to have  you patience if we do not make it you have to work a little bit it is so we give it so I see where they come from it is in short a little better if you come come to who I told you you were thinking and want to see what I see already look around  and inside that out here and brut

 look at the one from above it is this here but within are you a kiss do n't try it you know dinners other that rascal who wants to get there from above surely there is some other that is coming out and I'm not seeing him where polo is dirty it takes then they come out of their colors almost is it is valid you wished you crave viii e ix ready to is damned fileni back in you see other guys I know you in the comments would be saying lion I see them and you don't see them you are a pea you have the brightness of the video veiled always on so you see her and then you are even more attentive actually there was someone inside who is coming out I feel it here is porcellum al and it is that you make yourself glass that you are sure of  one that is definitely screwing me but I do not see him and there are

 many are everywhere around me and she does it too you call ta venissa cagarella brondo amanda fan gag madonna madonna I did it but it was really difficult now before each what hoping that there is not another round we put back the brightness that so you see well ok first of all it is me but I think of you first of all a thumbs up to favor this special attention I have given thanks to the thousand all  'now but I have been hurt it is useless you climb so it is ugly so much won what do I have to do now to go this

 way the ticket thanks this is the second part of the train cud closed no it's not true this is the second part yes here it is ok  he told us an order of colors it seems to me but we still lack the third until we find the third surely we can not do anything and there was his hand thanks my child wants to play again us he wants to play on the hour but I would be here forever I'm sorry but you can always change your mind if you want to stay that is she wants us capitole cpa he likes it I don't know what he wants to do there is to be afraid but someone maybe wants to stay with mammi long lex  there are those who like there are

 those who like it I am more of a type equal damage but then at the end he lost it does not seem to you you have lost protagonism there was the first chapter he was practically the only one that is there was some reference  to whom sinisi true kg willy that has never even checked instead here is everything and everything she is all what I have to do here does not pass and it is very difficult but in fact maybe this was just a secret we found the figurine of adua dm beautiful figurine of  needles woe betide buso daisy who to us at kissi missy this is fine nice nice we would also find all the secrets but first of all we think

 for the purpose of the game also because I see it quite difficult if the lines to rise  from on my boys I see it difficult already like this because it waits for mighty arms but it is however wait that I have to swing like a madman oh yes but what good but what good this who is all the cat all pink lebole is a fool and I do not like that one there  he is unpleasant but a little bit all also buso who has a name suitable for his personality but this does not make him more likeable is however unpleasant even the name buso in my opinion is a bit unpleasant it is then maybe he thinks the same of lion this I don't know  free to do it

 is buso but in the lions heeledjim and that is, according to you, the name lionel name buso sincerely no there is buso there is not written the boogie I could also offend what was you eh eh but here it is  closed who is put or my shot but there in my opinion she is not bad nor aggressive is I do not know but no is no you cannot open the door but you are smart if the house is where I have to go down here because the only way  it is in you  now sky behind I don't think I 'm running very fast but I'm behind here I can't go maybe it helps me maybe she's not aggressive but she helps me yes she helped me because she didn't come to me she helped me well this is interesting it may mean that she  she is the only really good one actually in the ways she is the kindest and here what is this guy an enigma there is a toy wagon his

 name is barry but we care less we care a lot less here I see it could be an enigma of that infamy this because it may be that we have to import the power from the first to the last here I believe that barry the cart here is useless I don't think I can do it whole g I cannot drag it let's try to understand make the brains work all together ok then it is no longer here because we have to bring it from the first so it is but it is there then we can no longer I understand we practically have to no not even no then like this

 and I take it back the electricity is not  or if it can I can't take it back but on a past there is a past I have to let barry pass ok I drag it soon so ok we have it so we can pass it cabbage this is an enigma of those in fact enough is in fact enough too  because here I can't carry electricity anymore so you're telling me that I have to bring electricity from the beginning but it's impossible to leave well yes I can go back but

 maybe I don't have to go from here now I have to go from here and like carla  here then probably again I have to take it from here and carry it on here ok and then take it back like this but here how many guys it is impossible but I can let you pass again this is one of those riddles worthy of a king you have to recognize it ok then now crazy at last I think it's the last one but then first of all we have a cassette I put it right to complete things but we don't listen to it because we know that they stretch enough or

 even  disturbing among other things ok well in my opinion we have to do nothing but take the power from here so run run run forward we have to open here ok because now we have this here that we can take and it's not it's not true and yes it's true it's true  it's not true and no because I understood I understood it distracts the guy who talks but understood one of the two powers we have to take it but here so run run like crazy incognito devils put it here then take this put it there and it's not true and it's not true and not  it's true then we put it here this we take it four this we put it the curse it's cursed ok I

 don't have to lose my temper I stay calm and very very thoughtful then the first one I take I take it almost I take that without making a mistake so I take this so good I barry  da moses go go go my friends by excellent ok we have it now I don't know maybe I have to throw one in the incinerator because in theory these should be played  re flawed no I need it to break through barry because heavy I

 understand here is I push it down there it goes against those wooden boards that I could not pass now we can pass madonna it is difficult but we are doing very very well in my opinion ok we must not go there because it is everything destroyed I still know I wonder in the end if a di wadi will be more protagonist than mothers because to me but I tell you there was someone who makes me really crazy is

 preferred here we are in the part that we already know the factory just the one we know and this is the big pack storage so where they kept their hands look how many there are misery all the classic ones but because the green one and we have it apparently only we have created it we remember by painting it

 the color we needed but  do you know what I tell you I think we have reached the right point yes because you see we will have to activate the third lever to take the third part of the code for avv  iare the gamestation this train and therefore in theory I think it is a great point to stop let me know if you want to see the ending of course the continuous I don't know how much remains I think a lot but for the moment we say goodbye to lion auto


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