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 today i will talk about another drug in summary for you the drug name is jemperli (dostarlimab) gem released by gsk pharma has been approved by fda unless 22 april 2021.

I have included a hazard picture here for you to see and this drug is a programmed antibody pro receptor a pd1 blocking antibody indicates for the treatment of adult patients with recurrent or advanced endometrial cancer deficient in mismatch repair as determined by the test approved by the FDA which has progressed or

 after previous treatment with a platinum-containing regimen, stalumab or Japanese is a humanized monoclonal antibody of igg4 like type that binds to the pd-1 receptor and blocks the interaction with mpdr1 and pdl2 releasing inhibition of the mediated immune response from via pd1 included.

 the antitumor immune response in mass tumor models um blocking the activity of pd1 causes a decrease in tumor growth, so this is how the drug Jemperli works in the body.

 As for the dosage it comes in a 500 milligame solution per 10ml in a single dose file one to four is a 500 milligame every three weeks the next administration starts three weeks after those four are one thousand million.

every six weeks and should be given as an intravenous infusion over 30 minutes side effects including uh for this January drug especially in clinical trials including fatigue nausea immune diarrhea constipation it is important that these patients are aware of the side effects and if they experience any to refer to your specialist doctor or pharmacist to follow up on the

 safety of a generality was evaluated in a study with exposure to Jemperli in 444 patients with advanced recurrent solid tumor in an open-label garnet multicore study including 268 patients with nts with ec and um endometrial cancer.

uh and 176 patients with solid tumors generally as a single agent were administered miv at doses of 500 milligame every three weeks which are those approved here as I said and for four doses followed by one thousand milligrams every six weeks until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity and based on this study and some other studies Jemperli o dustalim has been approved by gsk pharma as an antibody receptor blocking program and for recurrent or advanced endometrial cancer.

 this is summary information but generally for more detailed information, refer to the package leaflet available online from gsk farm I hope you enjoyed this video as always stay safe and take your medications


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