Get Your First 10K Visitors To Your Website (in 10 Minutes) | #Visitors To Your #Website

hi friends in this video i will show you a step by step how you can get your first 10 000 visitors to your website not only once but every month recurring visitors to your website to grow your business and to grow your website traffic and what's nice i will show you this with a practical real example from my website you will see this right now live how i do this how

 i get visitors you can copy my work and you will see how i grew my website to 1 million visit per month if you are ready let's start welcome again this is hassan from hdkit and today i'm really so excited so happy to share with you this new video i hope what you learned today will make your site boom on the internet and get a lot a lot of visitors so without wasting time let's

 go to step number one step number one is go to more section here web analytics you will find this website analytics this is a free service i am offering totally for free you just sign up to track your visitors so today you will see how much you have after you implement what you will learn in this video you can track your

 growth share this with me in the comments whatever you want i can help you grow your website so simply sign up it's super simple i will log into my account now when you log in you will see i'm tracking a lot of websites here i will click on new website and let's add a sample website so let's say i'm adding


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