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 - Eight ways to increase your traffic to your website fast and for free. Whether you're just starting a website or you've been out there for a while, and you just want more traffic, this video is going to break down how you can add some extra digits to your visitor account. As long as you keep doing these tactics consistently, you'll see results. They tend to work fast and bring in traffic the right way in the first few weeks of doing them consistently. But here's the key.

If you don't do them consistently, you're not going to get the best results. So that's why I keep emphasizing consistently do them. My main source of traffic by far is Google. But that doesn't mean I don't leverage other traffic sources. Heck, my website has over 139 traffic sources, not one, not two, not ten, 139.

Apart from organic, social, email, search, paid and affiliates, that brings me to more than 1,000 visitors a month. That's a lot of different traffic sources. And I make sure to work hard on those traffic sources, because a lot of them bring qualified traffic. Yes, they may not bring in the most amount of traffic, but that quality traffic converts higher than many other sources. I'm consistently also looking for new sources and tactics to leverage today, and I always experiment. And my team consistently does that, not just even today, not just even in the past, but even going forward. So I'm going to break down some of these sources for you and strategies. First one I have for you is Quora. With Quora, there are so many people looking for questions and answers to those questions.

So I want you to start answering. Don't spam. Don't create anything that's sketchy. Literally just provide tons of good value. And when you have a article on your website related to the question you just answered, link to it. No affiliate links, nothing like that. You'll find that you can get literally thousands of visitors from Quora. Next, I want you to start using Canva to create infographics. When you create infographics and publish them on your website, what you'll find is people love linking to infographics, and you don't have to come up with the data. Go use Ubersuggest to go and find the most popular pages on your competitor's website.

Take the ones that are data-oriented, turn them into infographics using Canva, cite your sources, give them credit, use their logo as well, not in a bad way, but use it to give them credit and say, Hey, you can find out more from this URL on this competitor," and what you'll find is all the people that linked out to that competitor, which you'll see in the Ubersuggest backlinks report, hit them up, ask them to link your infographic, because that'll drive you more traffic that's referral and SEO rankings overtime as well. The third source I have for you is participated in Facebook groups.

There's Facebook groups in every industry. No one talks about Facebook groups anymore. But you know what? They work. Go in there, add a ton of value, keep adding more value. And then you want to know what you need to do next? Add even more value. And after you add tons of value, then I want you to eventually link out to your site where it makes sense, and that will drive traffic. The fourth tactic I have for you is Instagram stories. With your stories, talk about products, blog posts, podcasts that you have, anything that you're selling, any promotions, and have them swipe up to go to your website. That drives direct traffic, and you can do that multiple times a week.

The next source I have for you is using Re stream. So when you use Restream, you can go live on all these sites; YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and the list goes on and on. And when you do that, when you're doing live sessions, you can also tell people about products, services, promotions you have to offer. They'll go to your website. It drives traffic as well.

The sixth strategy I have for you is carousels on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, if you upload a PDF that's many pages, it turns it into carousel. People can swipe, kind of like an infographic, and get all that data at once. Creates tons of engagement and comments and more followers. When you keep posting these carousels, you get way more followers on LinkedIn. Then when you promote a article from your blog or your site, or even a product, to your LinkedIn audience, you'll have a bigger follower base, it'll drive more traffic. Number seven, another social network that I love, Twitter.

Not because it drives a lot of traffic, because it really doesn't, but the people on Twitter are a high caliber, especially in the B2B segment. So if you participate on Twitter, leave comments, interact with others, leave comments on the stuff that's going viral. You'll get way more followers, and then when you post links to your website, it will then all add up. The last strategy I have for you, and this is one of my favorite ones, release a free tool on your website. It's a gift that keeps on giving. You can go to tools like Code Canyon, or more so, sites like Code Canyon, get some free tools or tools that are like 10, 15, $20, release them for free on your website. You're allowed to 'cause they allow you to white label them, depending on the tool. And then boom, over time, you'll just get more traffic. That's how you keep growing your traffic.


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