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Ticketing System Vs facilitate table Software: what is the Difference?

Ticketing System Vs facilitate table Software: what is the Difference?

Managing client support requests will be long. while not adequate systems in situ, it will be simple to miss client queries. Ticketing systems and facilitate table software package will assist you manage client queries and complaints, guaranteeing support requests area unit assigned  to the suitable person to traumatize every issue. 

Ticketing systems change the creation and management of tickets outlining individual support requests. facilitate table software package provides a a lot of totally featured platform that has} information bases and live chat features, likewise as a intrinsical ticketing system. Let’s check up on each, to examine that system is best for you and your business.

What is a ticketing system?

A ticketing system is software package that has a a lot of formalized support method that typically follows these steps:

A client makes contact.

A support request or price tag is made, typically via email, with a novel variety.

Support employees area unit notified of the price tag.

The price tag is assigned  to a particular member of the support team, given a priority, or labelled with further data.

A response to the client will be sent, and any replies area unit unbroken inside an equivalent price tag, guaranteeing transparency whereas enabling  different support employees to select up the price tag if the client needs further support.

Once the problem is resolved, the price tag is closed.

This method makes it less doubtless that client requests area unit lost or sit unresolved, as open tickets stay visible on the system. or else, emails will go missing, and long email chains will be unwieldy to trace. A ticketing system simplifies the client question method, creating it simple to trace and manage multiple support requests. 

For larger groups that traumatize tons of or thousands of requests, having one piece of software package that has a comprehensive summary of consolidated support requests is crucial to a efficient facilitate table service.

Ticketing systems change you to keep up client service standards and establish continuity across your support service. for instance, you'll transfer open tickets if employees members become inaccessible. As every price tag contains an entire record of correspondence, the new support representative can have access to the history of the first support request, and its in progress standing.

You can use metrics and tags to spot common problems, and develop different resources like information bases or how-to guides to preempt client problems and cut back support requests.

What is facilitate table software?

While ticketing systems area unit a kind of facilitate table software package, they're not the sole tools wont to run AN economical and effective service table. information bases and how-to guides will facilitate users to self-support. automatic chatbots will assist in supporting users through common problems. And whereas in-house support can be entirely email-based, businesses handling shoppers got to manage support requests via social media, too. therefore whereas a ticketing system will stand alone, facilitate table software package combines multiple tools to fulfill the wants of the fashionable service table.

Ticketing systems area unit typically restricted to 1 channel – email – whereas facilitate table software package will offer a multi- or omnichannel approach. Omnichannel options permit businesses to receive support requests from multiple sources, like social media, SMS or email, and move the support across platforms while not losing context. for instance, somebody may reach out via Twitter for facilitate, however if they have to supply sensitive data, it should be safer and safer to use another channel, like email. Integrated, cross-platform support means that users haven't got to clarify their problems repeatedly, albeit they swap to a different means that of correspondence.

Help table platforms can even filter straightforward queries. AI-driven bots which will facilitate users discover content articles which will offer the answers they need. This not solely reduces the time unit to resolution (MTTR) for purchasers, it additionally reduces the quantity of manual intervention by support employees. Automating the resolution of high-volume support requests helps cut back the prices of running a service table, and may stop backlogs of common, repetitive support problems from build up.

These further tools illustrate the distinction between a straightforward ticketing system and facilitate table software package. Services like Jira (opens in new tab), Zendesk (opens in new tab), ANd Zoho (opens in new tab) offer an array of options and integrations to fulfill the strain placed upon client support groups and repair desks.

Ticketing system vs facilitate table software: that does one need?

Do you need totally featured facilitate table software? area unit there any edges to having a straightforward ticketing system? It depends on your infrastructure and client support desires. 

A simple ticketing system can be best for little businesses that require to trace email support requests. Similarly, for businesses that have already got a content and different client support tools in situ, there'll be less worth in selecting high-priced facilitate table software package, wherever several of the options can stay unused. 

For larger businesses wanting to consolidate their client support pipeline into one tool, an honest possibility would be facilitate table software package like Zendesk or Zoho table. These choices offer a self-service chatbot, content, and multichannel support along side a ticketing system. 

Ultimately, the choice you choose can come back all the way down to the options you wish and also the value of the service. Most facilitate table software package provides a layer service at totally different value points, starting from $12 per agent per month with Zoho table, through to $95 per agent for the enterprise tier with Freshdesk (opens in new tab). Some services provide a free tier, however these area unit typically restricted, for instance, by solely permitting some service agents.


Ticketing systems area unit necessary for managing larger numbers of support requests. And whereas you wish a ticketing system, there area unit several edges to victimisation totally featured facilitate table software package. By selecting a feature-rich service, facilitate table software package provides a a lot of efficient and consistent client support expertise while not losing any of the required issue-tracking options of a standalone ticketing system.

The best facilitate table software package (opens in new tab) can facilitate your support team work a lot of effectively whereas providing an improved service to your users.

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