What square measure The Characteristics of selling Channels? WHAT IS MARKETING CHANNELS

 What square measure The Characteristics of selling Channels?

Marketing channels have many key characteristics. firms should properly match those characteristics with their product and customers once selecting a distribution strategy. One thought once selecting a marketing is management. atiny low company has less management if it uses multiple channels or a additional intensive distribution network. The upper side is that tiny businesses might get pleasure from the experience of bound distributors.

Direct or Indirect

Marketing channels are often direct or indirect. as an example, on-line retailers sell on to customers, as do picture theaters, beauty salons, freelance grocers and hardware stores. However, some little makers use channels like wholesalers and retailers to sell their product. they will sell to WHOlesalers -- who, in turn, sell to retailers -- or sell on to retail stores. the amount of channels is basically supported a product's markup or ratio. little firms use fewer selling channels once profit margins square measure lower. the explanation is that wholesalers and retailers should conjointly cash in on the sales.

Independent or Dependent

Small firms may additionally use freelance or dependent selling channels. A manufacturer's representative is Associate in Nursing example of Associate in Nursing freelance selling channel. A manufacturer's rep sometimes sells similar product for multiple makers. He tries to push the higher marketing brands in retail stores, however he is not passionate about sales of these specific brands. He'll lief sell alternative brands as a result of he is still profiting. On the opposite hand, little makers square measure passionate about wholesalers to plug their product to retailers. They conjointly deem retailers to properly execute their promotions and sales.


Marketers should conjointly think about using specialised or choose channels to sell their wares. as an example, atiny low women's fashion company might sell its higher-priced wear and accessories in choose boutiques or women's specialty stores. That approach the style company will higher target its customers, WHO possible have higher incomes or costlier tastes in wear. instead, a manufacturer that sells more cost-effective wear might have additional choices for marketing its product.


Some little makers might solely permit one dealer to hold its product. The dealer might earn its exclusivity as a results of its experience and coaching ways. Moreover, some little makers or wholesalers won't deem any distributors or external channels to sell their product. Instead, they will produce their own retail stores to sell the product. this is often a typical observe with natural philosophy and cellular phone firms.


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