Come ho ottenuto la Green Card (senza lotteria)! | Trasferirsi in USA

 I received the notification that my card has arrived the notification has reached the phone or via piazza in oxford tempo and austin texas at zero immediately below to see.

 no it's  arrived agricar understands then how I told friends and family who have been wonderful fundamental in these years in supporting me in turning around even in difficult moments it was a great joy also a great liberation to finally touch this biancade as a premise I want  specify that this green card arrived in an employment-based way, i.e. through my employer no lottery no no marriage on a family space no one gave me anything obtained by working over the years with many sacrifices 679 of this cyan sandwiches snacks who wants states  united i am italian ivan giorno i receive my m message from you who would like to come to the united states maybe do u  n travel here or probably move c and spend the rest of your life in the united states if you haven't already downloaded my ebook from my website because of this video the inspiration to some of you because you will see that a normal person  like me who have already known yours for some years in some respects he made it numbers this experience will spur some of you who want to take this same path to declare it to be able to live in america and seize all the opportunities there are in this country of the  after all, there is no better thing when starting a new path that you don't know much about than to talk about it or listen to the stories of those who have already faced that path and therefore use my website to contact me if you are willing to take such a path and to evaluate  the price of your possibilities.

 tell of this very interesting week because obviously I knew that I had the bank must be proved  a like weeks ago that a notification arrived from the person you love loculi this year practically informs you of all the changes that there have been on your in the status of your petition during the months and this petition with you know lasts months and years has arrived  the message a decision was made I immediately opened that I saw that it said york he pushed adult that it was the first step of green card approval the day after the four approved a following working day by martin luther king day then the offices  government the post office was closed so everything was slightly delayed and then a couple days later i had just gotten off work to take that long run down the colorado free to austin and as i was running in that the phone lit up again lo forlì 6  the green card was sent and therefore it was very close there were a couple of days an amber clapperboard arrived I started checking the status where it was  and when I saw that the hosting arrived, it's a Venetian from Cortina, I was very happy because I thought it would arrive in the evening, he'll tell you about it this evening and the hours continued to pass. a park in the afternoon when I would have expected well it will come moments what happens do you hear this a fire alarm goes off in my building and therefore the whole building has been evacuated and there is also smoke in the hallways therefore in the corridors and therefore also a bit scary in  leaves and arrives below 6 the firemen change the police close the street .

when at 5 the mehlman arrived go back you take her to the end of the world it must happen for them to give me the green card we came close next day she arrived at  point of view in the subject of the phone and immediately I went to the mailbox to pick it up and I must say that that has been a while waiting for me  or for a lifetime .

 whiting of the goals you gave me assignment in glasses and I admit that I have seen all the moments of the last nine years america from college to debut the first job from travel to california those in texas up to  football games from the genius in minneapolis in the summer on a boat to the bench then a few weeks ago this is a long journey across america see souls in austin .

 the moment your real sacrifices your apples coming true feels great  this process for white the polite three years which is a lot anyway in a person's life but i've been living for nine years so every movement anything i've done any decision i've made in my career is new in the last 9 years have been protected to get to this point to get to this day from but from the day when I could have from the green car and start a different life that is freer and not binding  ta more to the visa restrictions then here it is the green card I don't show my personal data but in short here it is final same bank I must not lose it and instead this is the lochis form which always came from the migration service in which there are simply some explanations are  right on the status and these things he says this year he wants confederates same as racca destiny you make yourself a more easy application for maternity the prot the result lasted a few minutes to get lance harris in the same areas masters and finally almost dogs or in the packaged states  and kings others the chanson approve sentence the styles .

how to use it at the borderline class that is if I cheer a mexico team goes tomorrow probably close I should if it passes in short you should pass by there and then come back there is a particular way on how to use the  paper for the growing number and then there's also this where it says keep it here axiom that it was 113 or passport in another  ra area for now why am i so happy to have achieved this what does renai green card mean the following things then anything flexibility if i want from now on i can do more than one job i can do the job i want they play their usually limited to or in  particular visa I can really behave like an American also if I want to change jobs do it without the problem of having to go through the approval of a new visa which means lawyers money bureaucracy timing and also the risk sometimes that it is not approved and therefore you risk losing everything  the second thing is serenity when a person is fired in america and a visa has only two months to find a new one but it is not easy because there are so many obstacles and instead now if one day and now I work simply he will find another no one will kick me out of the united states and finally travel abroad travel especially with

 ropes are s  very tough because I cheered for two years I never left the United States because if he did leave he would have to go to a consulate to print visas with unimaginable queues that had been closed for a long time and therefore think that even every month in  where they were closed and I had no alternative I had to stay in the United States otherwise I never lost my job if I went back to Italian I would have a place to sell print the visa and then go back here's the problem tv consulates stand dei ris style now there won't be  more by the hand, in short, the perspectives change believe me it's my brother the other evening congratulating me he had the increase several years ago he told me now a new life is starting for you it's the first feeling precisely that in these moments the gratitude currently the feeling principal that fills me up and i am surely grateful to the united states of america for this fantastic opportunity that has been given to me  to date and also for the last nine years that I have spent here I am already the second person in my family after my brother many years ago he too has always obtained it employment based and it is nice to see that the mega continues to be a place  who welcomes immigrants who gives new perspectives and new possibilities from those who are looking for these are always the one now methods and mulhauser on the statue of liberty says give me your tired masses and i think i

 nine years ago and products unemployed in italy now instead  arrives in the United States or a house a job I have met many people in these years I have had incredible experiences and now with the green card even five years that is even becoming an American citizen here this should be an action item for us and for this community  and for you in the video costs also in this video you think it takes five years to become an American citizen comment and  let me know what you think I have never otherwise anyone successes in these years and anyway thank the united states and whoever within the united states has given me the opportunity to live these experiences to get to this day my goodness how many are beyond the friends no but also think above all of those who worked with me my bosses my former bosses my former colleagues all those who have supported me over the years with a word or perhaps by signing important documents making phone calls or eating live in the  sun if you die I started writing a personalized letter to all these people nalin to thank them incredible it took me all afternoon because

 there were so many much more than I thought well even when this morning he started seeing limerà answer me many days were  more enthusiastic than me the ex boss even called me enthusiastic and how I asked the classic question but the g  reen card jonathan mac mini strip m.mag marta jenny traiano my mythical lawyer not lip brand effects these americans who have chosen to spend their time and energy helping the doctors of my dreams and when i left my last company some time ago it was  one of them told me i bush west flight due to writing we must always try to do the right thing and what ladies really in italy we would say gentlemen and i always say that the only thing a humble immigrant can ask for a chance a chance from me it was given by the united states and by the companies i worked for and by the people who work in those companies that there have been some very difficult moments in these

 years and maybe we will talk about it had some next videos because all the obstacles are worth saying too  that we are on this long journey because it is always so long there is always something that can certainly go wrong we want to give an example the covip was not a  easy time that and then I often thought about what this day would be like in the last few years I must admit there has always been a song that when I listened it reminds me of how obviously this day is a song that is very popular in america called this land is  your land and I translate it for you this land is your land and this land is my land from california to new york island phone lestini sequoias on the gulf currents this land was made for me for the god bless even the inside .


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