Goodbye Publisher Center! The New Rules for Appearing on Google News


The digital environment is constantly evolving, and recently, Google has introduced significant changes in the management of news. This article explores the new conditions imposed by Google for those wishing to appear on Google News, marking the goodbye to the old Publisher Center and introducing new dynamics that will affect publishers and readers globally.

Urgent Now: Update Google News | Goodbye Publisher Center

With the elimination of the Publisher Center, Google imposes new rules to maintain or improve the visibility of content in the world's most used news aggregator. It is crucial to understand what changes to optimize online presence.

Google News' New Policies

  1. Website Verification and Authority: Sites wanting to be included must demonstrate clear ownership and a solid reputation.

  2. Content Quality: Google emphasizes the importance of original, well-written, and detailed content.

  3. Publication Frequency: Constant updating is essential. Sites that update frequently are favored.

How to Optimize Your Site for Google News

  1. SEO and Keywords: Keywords must be strategically used not only in titles but also in the text body, maintaining an optimal density of 1.30%.

  2. User Experience (UX): A user-friendly and accessible site design is more important than ever.

The Impact of Changes for Publishers and Readers

  1. Benefits for Readers: Greater reliability of sources and higher quality content.

  2. Challenges for Publishers: Greater competition and the need for technological and editorial updating.

Strategies to Remain Compliant with New Directives

  1. Innovation in Content Marketing: Adopt new content marketing techniques to stand out.

  2. Analysis and Adaptation: Monitor performance and adapt strategies in real-time.

The Future of Google News: What to Expect

  1. Trends and Predictions: How might Google News evolve in the coming years?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main novelty introduced by Google for publishers?
    • The need to demonstrate authoritativeness and clear site ownership.
  • How can I improve the visibility of my site on Google News?
    • Optimize content for SEO, ensure it is original, and update frequently.
  • What is the impact of these changes for small publishers?
    • It might be harder to compete without resources for technological updating.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of new content strategies?
    • Through detailed analysis of traffic metrics and user interaction.
  • What tools can I use to stay updated on Google News changes?
    • Use tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.


Updating Google News requires careful examination by publishers to ensure they remain relevant in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Adaptability and understanding of the new rules will be crucial for those who want to emerge or maintain their position in the digital news ecosystem.

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  • #MediaTrends

Adopting these practices will not only help publishers meet Google's criteria but will also enhance the informational experience for users, making the web a more organized and reliable place for news. 🌏😂


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