Office 365 Backup |365 backup solutions| Veeam Backup for Office 365 | #BackupOffice365| #office 365

 the top 10 office 365 backup

the top 10 office 365 backup and recovery solutions in this video will explore the top solutions designed to protect your organization against data loss through backup and recovery a chronic cyber backup a chronic is a leading backup software disaster recovery and secure data access provider a chronic cyber backup solution is a

Office 365 Backup |365 backup solutions| Veeam Backup for Office 365 | #BackupOffice365| #office 365

 software that offers file backup and disaster recovery as well as a secure file sync and share feature cyber backup is one of the fastest recovery solutions on the market using a chronic run technology to

 provide instantaneous recovery that minimizes user disruption and boosts company productivity cyber backup is available to purchase as a standalone service or as a part of a chronic cyber protect


 solution which also includes automated infrastructure web and endpoint protection a chronic cyber backup solution offers proactive ransomware protection powered by ai technology which prevents unauthorized file modification and encryption it verifies the

 authenticity of backup copies before restoration to ensure complete security and restoration is immediate and reliable admins can manage all data protection tasks through the cyber backup management console this console is web-based so admins can assess information no matter their location this flexibility also applies to the

 protection itself cyber backup protects all company data sources across 20 plus different virtual physical cloud and mobile platforms so that data is always secure no matter its size or where it's stored a chronic data protection solutions are industry targeted with solutions designed specifically for automotive healthcare energy and

backup sharepoint online

 government verticals customer reviews report that the solution is easy to deploy and manage across both windows and linux servers on top of this acronic products and documentation are available in 25 languages all of this makes a chronic cyber backup an ideal backup

 and recovery solution for medium to large global enterprises looking for data protection tailored to their industry needs ultra office 365 backup altero is a market leading vendor for backup and recovery solutions for smbs and msbs ultra office 365 backup is their mso365 replication and restoration software solution that focuses on backing up office 365 mailboxes and files stored within onedrive and sharepoint office 365 backup is cloud-based which makes it easy to deploy and configure the solution is also easy to manage via a

 central cloud management console from which admins can configure full and granular data restorations ultra office 365 backup automatically creates copies of emails attachments contacts and calendars as well as files stored within sharepoint and onedrive up to four times a day these are written out to a secure cloud location on

 altero's microsoft azure infrastructure which allows users to benefit from unlimited storage admins can manage and monitor an organization's backups through a single online console where they can view current operational activity restoration history and the

 organization's health status through the console organizations can carry out full or granular mailbox restorations sending recovered content either to the original mailbox a different mailbox within the organization or to a secure zip file at the user's discretion onedrive and sharepoint backups are restored in largely the same way with the

 same options for restoration destination users are guided through the restoration by a simple wizard tool that makes the process quick and easy to carry out on top of the features of the solution itself ultra offer excellent customer support their technical team are on call 24 7 and have an average response time of less than 30 seconds ultra office 365 backup is extremely scalable so it's a great solution for

 small organizations right up through to large enterprises looking for a user-friendly recovery solution for office 365 mailboxes as well as sharepoint and onedrive document libraries carbonite backup for m365 carbonite acquired by information management leader open text specializes in data protection from creation through utilization until deletion they protect the data lifespan of over 100 000 small

backup and disaster recovery 

 businesses globally carbonite backup for m365 is their data backup solution designed to provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities for microsoft's entire suite of 365 apps once deployed and integrated through microsoft active directory carbonite solution enables administrators to recover entire sites but also carry out granular file level recoveries including email communications

 carbonite backup for m365 runs automatically in the background to perform incremental backups and secure each user's microsoft 365 cloud data backed up data is encrypted and written out to a secure secondary instance in microsoft azure these backups take place automatically up to four times per day admins can manage backups from a secure web-based dashboard where they can access backup

 information audit reports apis and exports as well as configure role-based access recovering data is made quick and easy with carbonite's simple search feature which allows adwords to carry out restorations based on the user subject line and content type among other fields finally the solution includes 24 7 onboarding and recovery support from carbonite's technical team a feature that other vendors may

 typically charge extra for carbonite backup for m365 offers protection for all sharepoint onedrive teams exchange groups and planner data as well as public folders commvault backup and recovery comvault is a market leader in data and information

 management offering intelligent scalable solutions their powerful effective products have resulted in cobalt being recognized as a leader for eight consecutive years in the gartner magic quadrant for data center backup and recovery solutions commvault backup and recovery is their enterprise data backup solution designed to protect data for all workloads across both cloud and on-premise

 environments via a single web-based interface comvault backup and recovery automates all of its file retention processes as well as proactive discovery of newly added data sets these processes are policy driven as are the monitoring and reporting features which remove the need for lengthy scripts data is encrypted and written out to a secure cloud location deduplication technology removes

 duplicate or redundant data copies to improve storage efficiency and increase the amount of data that can be transferred at once some customers find combalt backup and recovery complex to deploy due to the requirement for several components to be installed and

 agreement that the powerful protection

 configured but most are in agreement that the powerful protection provided as a result is worth the effort of setting it up we recommend combulk backup and recovery as a strong solution for larger enterprises looking to back up a range of file systems applications

 databases and cloud native sas dell technologies power protect data manager dell technologies focuses on empowering organizations through digital transformation they offer a range of solutions and

 backup and recovery solution designed

 products that secure it infrastructure individual employee devices and wider industries power protect data manager is dell technology's main data backup and recovery solution designed to protect physical virtual and cloud environments the solution provides software-defined data protection as well as automated discovery into duplication it's available as a standalone solution and as a part of

 dell's data protection suite which also includes avamar and net worker power protect data manager is software defined which allows it to protect data across both applications and cloud native it environments customers have the option to write backups out to the

 cloud for long-term retention and disaster recovery as well as to self-manage backup and restore directly from native applications the management console is also cloud-based this means that admins can easily access backup information and monitor recoveries for any device from any location from the console admins also have complete oversight and governance to ensure compliance power protect also offers automated deduplication which takes the strain off system resources the solution is designed and delivered in a modular agile way which means that dell can deliver updates and new

 features rapidly to help combat new and emerging threats dell's power protect data manager is built around simplicity agility and flexibility dell has released three new updates for it in the last year demonstrating investment and dedication to providing security against even the latest threats customers praise this solution as being easy to use and manage despite their not currently being a unified

 management console to cover both on-premise and public cloud environments we recommend power protect data manager for both smbs and larger enterprises looking for a powerful up-to-date data backup and recovery solution thanks for watching


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